Organize. Communicate. Automate.

Manage your summits, conferences, seminar days or similar with your team and speakers.
Keep control of lectures, rooms, events, call for papers and communicate fast with speakers via automated and easy mass mail integration.

From organiser for organiser

Because no tool has met our requirements so far, we have started this project and built it explicitly for managing events.

Open Innovation by principle

The whole application is open source. We believe that open standards are the foundation for innovation and builds trust to users.

Easy access and deployment

Access the management system easily through the webbrowser on your desktop or mobile device. The dockered application is set up in 5 minutes.


  • lecture creation/editing through speakers and organiser
  • user registration with self service
  • free configuration of custom fields for lecture
  • role management for contacts (speakers), attendants (supporters), organisers and admins
  • mass mailing regarding speakers, attendants or lectures with automatic variable handling
  • csv export of users, events, lectures and rooms by one click
  • online public timetable creation
  • Integrable live information board for event
  • (online)room and scheduling management
  • separation per event
  • Automatic caching for public and high frequented sites to save performance
  • Current languages: English, German